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As an official myPOS partner, pagoPOS offers you instant settlement with funds available in less than 5 seconds, alongside a free multi-currency business account with an Irish IBAN and a complimentary Mastercard Business card, all without monthly fees. Our online payment gateway seamlessly integrates with top eCommerce platforms, offering compatibility without subscription charges.

Get ready for the future of card payments!


Instant Settlement

Funds are available and ready to use in your account in less than 5 seconds

Mastercard Business Card

You get a free Mastercard Business card for your account with no monthly fee

£Ft.  kr.

Multi-currency Account

Free multi-currency business account with Irish IBAN, no monthly fees

Secured Online Payment Gateway

Grow your business with our online payment gateway compatible with the most popular carts, without subscription fees

Always With You

Your business goes wherever you go thanks to the mobile application that you can use to access your account as well as the WiFi and SIM connectivity of our POS Terminals.

Other benefits include:

  • Payment request: easily request payments in person or remotely by email/SMS, with QR code option
  • myPOS Online - own eCommerce platform, free for our clients: a fully customizable and easy-to-use tool to sell online
  • POS terminals (without monthly fees or rates) with WiFi and data SIM card, free and unlimited
  • myPOS AppMarket: applications for all businesses: Food & Beverages, Hotels, Retail, Transportation, Professional Services, Leisure Events, Entertainment, Parking, etc.
  • MO/TO virtual terminal and pre-authorization
  • Integrations with SDKs and APIs

If you don't charge, you don't pay anything.

No monthly fees or penalty for lack of use up to 9 months, ideal even for seasonal businesses.

POS Terminals

myPOS Go2

Compact and functional, this device is ready to serve your business!

The power of myPOS Pro

Explore the benefits of our most powerful smart POS terminal yet and supercharge your business!

Start accepting payments now!